Through the Withering Storm

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This is my first book,which was nearly 20 years in the making. This book had its beginnings as short stories I wrote years ago and over time, they were worked and re-worked and written and re-written until something of the form that they are in now started to shine through. I have some apologies to make in this book, I showed a lot of clashes I had with family members, especially my Dad and when I look back I can see that he showed tough love when I went through things like being confined to a hospital and feeling unloved and unwanted when really what was going on was that I was making a decision to not get along with him and other members of my family. I did a lot of learning while writing this book and I hope it shines through. I have completed writing a sequel to this story called “Inching Back To Sane” which I hope to make available some time this fall.


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