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Leif Gregersen has just published another landmark work, this one a Young Adult Historical Fiction Novel called “Those Who Dare To Dream” which was professionally edited and researched extensively.  Find the link to purchase this work under the heading “BOOKS” in the menu bar above.  In this book follow a teenager as he struggles to make sense of a world on fire and to change what little he can.  Watch as our young hero Matthew seeks hope, seeks sanity, and tries to do his part in what has been called “The Last Good War”.




As most of you may already know, Leif’s book “Inching Back To Sane”, also found under the heading “BOOKS” in the menu above, is a companion piece to his first book, “Through The Withering Storm” which tells of his life suffering from, being diagnosed with, denying treatment for and finally accepting, Bipolar Disorder. Leif Gregersen is a freelance author, poet, public speaker, and author of many genres, who has been named on the CBC Canada Writes website as one of the top 11 “Writers To Watch”.

Popular Canadian author Richard Van Camp has noted of Leif’s work: “Every once in a blessing while, a voice comes out of nowhere that astonishes you with its vulnerability and courage. Leif Gregersen is that voice for me. I pray that “Through The Withering Storm” finds its way to those grappling with mental illness so they can see that they are not alone and that there is support out there, and I pray that this book finds its way into the homes of those families who are trying to find insight into what is happening to someone they love who is battling a mental illness. This book is one I will return to time and time again for humility and empathy. Thank you Leif, for your courage and for sharing your story.”

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Good day and thanks for visiting my site.  Here you will find a lot of different content, I think you will most enjoy my blog in which I talk about my life with a focus on mental, physical and spiritual health, showcase my photography, and I also want to try and talk about the general craft of writing.  On this page, using the menu, you can find videos, samples of my published work and some poems and stories, and even some great videos I have made.  The most fun video would have to be the “World Waterpark” video which has now reached nearly 14,000 views.  For those of you who have followed me for a while, I should note that I am no longer posting poetry every day because of stipulations in poetry journals I am submitting to.  I greatly encourage all visitors, new and old, to post to this site and feel free to email me at viking3082000@yahoo.com any time you like.
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A Litte About This Site’s Theme:
Have you ever suffered from a mental illness?  Does a family member have Bipolar Disorder, Schizophrenia or OCD and you are struggling to understand them and deal with, to put it bluntly, their ‘insanity?’  You might be in the right place.  Leif Gregersen has faced what was once called manic depression for nearly 30 years and has used it to drive him to create and give back to the people who helped him through his madness and into a more forgiving place.  Leif Gregersen’s books, “Through The Withering Storm” and “Inching Back to Sane” tell the story of his battles with Bipolar Disorder and his eventual victory, though the battle within him and without rages on.  Read Leif’s poetry and short stories and look deep into the mind of a creative and brilliant man who no longer uses mental illness as an excuse.
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Leif Gregersen grew up near Edmonton in the picturesque community of St. Albert. He spent his first 18 years there, showed promise in school, was put into a special class called ‘enrichment’ in his early years and excelled at sports. After elementary, Leif’s life seemed to go downhill until he discovered something he loved: Air Cadets. Here he made many friends, drank in the discipline and military way of life and ended up obtaining the coveted rank of Sergeant after dedicating time to band practises, sports teams, classes in public speaking, photography, first aid, leadership, as well as sacrificing weeks of his precious summers for even more training at military bases.
After a poor showing in high school, Leif decided his academic life was his priority and left cadets, and soon started developing the signs of mental illness, though he managed to do well in school for his last two years. In the middle of completing grade 12, a nervous breakdown landed Leif in a psychiatric hospital and nothing ever was the same. For some time after getting out he drifted, hitch-hiking to Vancouver, and later California. He tried and failed to join both the Canadian and US military, and tried and failed to obtain a commercial pilot’s license. Leif then returned home, sought treatment, and though there were tough times, his life changed greatly and he was able to finish high school and begin a long and rewarding writing career while working part-time and getting treatment for Bipolar Disorder. His first book, a work that took him nearly 20 years to get to print, Through The Withering Storm, tells the story of his life with Bipolar and how he overcame it.
A word from Leif: “The measure of an accomplishment doesn’t rely so much on what a person has done as what they have overcome to do it.  I think a lot of people could try and run across Canada, but when Terry Fox tried it while dying of Cancer, he was not only a hero of my generation, he changed the world.”

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